Differences Between Outside and Inside Sales

Over the year, the marketing and sales industry has advanced for the better. It has minimized the rate of movements around and increased the sales of products. This is because of the advancement and development of the technology world. The technology has helped many sales agents to market their products remotely and increase the profits made by the company they are attached to. This has been seen in the real estate industry. It has made it easy to expand very fast in recent years.

What are these things that have made it easy for the growth of the real estate business? It is the inside sales that are an upgrade from the outside sales. The upgrade has been taken in positively having every inside sales agent real estate to do this work. Let’s take a look at how these two compares.


Inside sales

Inside sales are the sale of products by a sales agent online. This is by use of either mobile phone calls or over the internet. It relies on the sending of email, making phone calls to the potential client in order to finalize a sale.

Inside sales have been aided with the internet. The company has to provide all the details about the product on their website and advertisement. The client has to check the website and select the product of choice. Then she/he will contact the company and will be connected with an agent who will guide them.

Ken Krogue of-inside-sales notes that inside sales are about turning a prospect to a client just by the use of phone call. Inside sales agents follow up a prospect client online till they make a decision. This is easier since they are not involved on the road in order to convince the prospect.

Outside sales

Outsides sales involve sale personnel going out to the field or traveling to meet the potential customer face to face. They have to show up every moment the client needs some information.

Though it’s an outfield work, many of the outside sales agents have changed to the inside mode of sales. This is by following up a prospect via phone call or email. After the first meeting, they sit in the office and make sure that the client has made a decision before they show up again

As noted by Forbes  Not all clients may trust the inside sales agent so they would prefer an outside one. They prefer to know the person they are dealing with first before decision making.


Outside sale agents have the ability to explain every information required by the client. Showing the clients around makes them make a quick decision based on there like to the apartment in question. The inside sale becomes somehow tricky when it comes to showing the clients around the apartments.


Both inside sales and outside sales have their own contribution to the company depending on their preferences. Though the inside sales agents are more preferred since they monitor the prospect clients easily than their outside sales counterparts. All the same, each sales agent has his/her own importance in the field of specialization.