How Many Followers Do You Need on Instagram to Get a Blue Tick?

Instagram has become a very versatile social media application now. It was initially made to engage with other people online by sharing their content via their accounts. However, with time the concept of online marketing gathered pace, and Instagram became the hub for online businesses. Not only that, but it also became one of the most effective tools to market and advertise businesses online. For this, followers’ concept is still relevant since, without followers, there is no real purpose of using Instagram. In order to increase followers, people use a lot of different methods, including Instagram growth service that can help in the organic growth of their Instagram accounts.

Why are followers Important?

Followers are just like Friends on Facebook. Followers are interested in seeing the content you post on your personal and business profile and follow your activities to stay in touch with whatever you do. Following someone’s account is a great way to stay updated regarding the happenings in the other person’s life. Followers are one of the essential elements on Instagram and are often referred to as the ‘building blocks’ of a good and authentic Instagram account. Without followers, there is no real purpose in creating an account since no one would be interested in watching what you post online. The Instagram business has promoted the concept of having more and more followers since it has made the people aware of the general importance of having more following. For a business account, followers tend to act as potential customers. The more followers you have on Instagram, the greater the chances are that more people will buy your products or services online.

Followers and the blue tick

The importance and popularity of followers’ concepts have also made Instagram aware of how people want recognition after reaching a particular milestone as far as followers are concerned. For this purpose, the application has introduced a “blue tick” symbol. This symbol indicates and symbolizes the authenticity of the account. Many online celebrities and influencers have the blue tick right next to their username. This gives a feeling of authenticity to the account itself, and the people who are following the account feel a sort of privilege to be a part of the overall journey.

How many followers are needed for the blue tick?

For an account to be certified with the famous blue tick on Instagram, it must have reached a particular milestone as far as the followers are concerned on the platform. For this, Instagram has notified its users that the account would need at least 10,000 followers or more to get this feature without verification. However, even after reaching this milestone, the certification is not guaranteed. However, once an account does get the blue tick, you can expect a significant increase in the overall brand awareness and brand authenticity.