How Restaurants Are Using Analytics to Increase Profits

Digital tools and technology have revolutionized every sector in our economy. They have helped businesses restructure and guided their decisions for their future. Restaurant owners are using data and metrics to increase their revenue and meet the preferences of their clientele.

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Here are a few ways in which analytics are being a blessing to restaurants:


The numbers never lie and that’s exactly what analytics provides to you, numbers. From those numbers, graphs, and whatnot, you can get to learn about the preferences and tastes of your clientele. This will inform your marketing strategies and pull more clients through your doors.

Reduce food wastage


This has been a worry that has been picked up by the Environmental Protection Agency. Any restaurant owner can tell you that a healthy percentage of food is wasted either by the kitchen staff or by the patrons. With analytics, you can significantly control the amount of food going in and out of your kitchen. Proper portions can be served on every plate.


This is one very sensitive element in a restaurant. Your staff is the interactive agents. Their attitude and reception of the patrons will determine if they will be repeat customers or you will never see them again.

Analytics can allow you to measure the performance of your staff, especially your servers. The application can provide accurate statistics over a while, backing your choice on who to give a rise and who should see the door. It can also give you a good feel on just how much money you are losing for every bad server.

Analytics can also help you during the peak and off-peak seasons. When implemented over some time, analytics can help you maintain a certain amount of profit throughout the year. It will be able to show you how many staff members you need all year and when to ask for temporary help.

Quality of service

Continuing with the discussion from the above topic, analytics will have helped you identify your top server. Now and then, a VIP guest will walk through your doors. You will want to maintain the services of such a client. As a restaurant, you will have to be on top of your game. You can assign your top server to that particular guest’s table.

Nothing left to change!


The introduction of new technology to any sector/industry promises an improvement in performance and ease of doing business. Analytics offers exactly that. With the right analytics for your hotel or restaurant, you can reduce staff turnover, improve the performance of your staff and manage overheads.

Within no time, your business will be enjoying new levels of productivity and the morale of the staff will be high.