Why Walkers Get Hit: Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Out of the many occasions of accidents that happen, pedestrian accidents are one of the most common. In addition, it is also very traumatic. This type of accident can happen to anyone and at any time; going to walk on a Monday morning or strolling and enjoying the sun on the weekend.

To hopefully avoid them, the experienced personal injuries at JaeLeeLaw have compiled this article. By knowing the most common reasons, you can stay away.

A Distracted Driver

This deserves to be the first cause on the list. How many times have you heard this reason on the news? A driver might be on his phone or talking to other passengers in the car. While cell phones came to make life easier, they have caused a fair share of accidents on the road.

Inattentive Pedestrians

Green traffic light on a city street. A woman is waiting at a pedestrian crossing.

While we are on the issue of cell phones, pedestrians are also to equally blame. Some pedestrians believe in their power of multi-tasking. Glued to their phones, they might try to maneuver around the sidewalk or cross the street at the wrong place.

Dark Clothes

Black and grey clothes tend to be trendy and look good but they are a significant cause of accidents, especially at night. Due to the reduced visibility at night, drivers will be unable to differentiate your clothing from the mass of darkness.

If you know you will be walking at night, it is recommended that you wear bright-colored clothing.

Impaired and Intoxicated drivers

Drivers under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances are bound to cause an accident. The substances in their system hinder them from making reasonable decisions. Alcohol and drugs may also have an impact on their vision. This will lead them to drive onto sidewalks and run a red light. This is a common occurrence at night.

The weather

Sometimes, the driver is not to blame completely for the accident. Poor weather in the form of snow, heavy rainfall, or fog may reduce visibility to only a few feet. In such conditions, drivers should drive slowly. The roads tend to be slippery due to the sleek surface. Due to a lack of friction, cars can easily hit an unsuspecting pedestrian. During bad weather, it is advisable to stay indoors and away from the roads as possible.

Construction of Roads

Construction of roads comes with significant disadvantages to a driver. The modifications on the road will lead to some obstacles as well as diversions. Suddenly, a familiar road is not so familiar anymore. To avoid these obstacles, the driver may be forced to swerve onto the sidewalk and thus, hitting a pedestrian.

Reversing Accidents

As we said earlier, accidents can happen at any time and place. This type of pedestrian accident happens commonly in parking lots. As pedestrians are exiting a shopping mall through the lot, a car suddenly backs up into them. It is advisable to use designated footpaths to avoid such a scenario.