Steps to Apply Ceramic Coating to Your Car

If you want the coating of nano ceramic to last for a long time, you should have the right supplies for cleaning the car so that the surface is ready for the paint. If you want to paint your car, it will be time-consuming but not difficult. Let’s go over the steps on how to apply a coating of ceramic to your car.

Hand wash the car

A good wash with a foamy shampoo is the first step you can’t miss. After rinsing the car, wipe it with a soft towel made of microfiber. This will remove all the dirt and will clean the outer side of your car.

Apply clay

You might not be aware of this, but claying the car will remove large amounts of buildup like crud from the surface of the car. Take out all the invisible dirt and buildup from the surface as soon as you get rid of all the visible contamination. A special type of clay known as decontamination clay is used to clean cars. A clay towel or a clay bar can also be used as alternatives because it is reusable. Don’t skip claying your car, as it will help the ceramic get a good finish.

Polishing and correcting the paint of your car

If your car’s paint looks faded, a paint job will transform the car. Moreover, nano-ceramic coatings are known to preserve and keep safe the surfaces of the cars and give them an extra shine. You might find the painting steps difficult to do, but it will be easy and fun if you have the right tools. Click here for more guidance.

Winding up with isopropyl alcohol

Your last step should be wiping down your car with a blend of water and isopropyl alcohol. Use a microfiber towel to get done before covering your car with a ceramic coat.

Ceramic coating supplies

The process of applying a nano-ceramic coating on the car’s hood by a male worker with a sponge and special chemical composition to protect the paint on the body from scratches, chips and damage.

Buy the coating kit, which you can easily find with self-labeled steps. You’ll have an Armor Shield bottle. 30ml will be sufficient. Then you need a sponge to apply the nano-ceramic coating. Moreover, to be safe, use nitrile gloves as the nano-ceramic coating dries the skin out when in the liquid state. You don’t need any of that on your skin. Lastly, you’ll need a buffing towel to blend in everything. This will make sure that there are no scratches left on the car.

Microfiber Buffing Towel

Once the ceramic coating has been applied, you’ll need to buff away any “flashed” coating that materializes.

Apply the coating of nano ceramic

Apply the coating by following all the steps on the packaging. Be sure that everything is at room temperature if you want your ceramic coating to sit perfectly on your car. Give your car 48 hours to absorb the coating

Your car will be ready to be taken out after 48hours. However, make sure you don’t wash your car for 7 days. After 21 days, you can cover your car with ceramic spray. If you follow all the instructions, you can’t go wrong. Just follow the two-bucket method of a car wash, and you’ll be ready to show your car to the world.